*Tools [#gb369b1c]
--It help you to edit and to submit problems easily.
--You can simulate codes in the editor, more speedy than in the problem page of HOJ.

If the number of steps are very large, it costs very very long time to run it on the problem page. ~
In this website, you can submit a solution, without running it on the problem page. 

*Tequniques [#b0bb36d6]
-[[Elementary Techniques]]
-[[Techniques of Function]]:Tequniques of functions.
-[[Techniques of Recursion]]:Tequniques of recursion.
-[[Techniques of Number]]:Tequniques of numbers.

*Contest Solutions [#vba618f4]
After the contests, solutions of their problems are shared. ~
You can improve your HOJ skill by studying them!

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